Advantages Of Joining The Membership Of The Saudi Occupational Nursing Association

Join the Saudi Nurses Association and participate in the Society's activities, contribute to the development of nursing in the Kingdom, and get many benefits that support your professional and scientific career.

SNA Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Have the right to participate, be nominated, and be elected to the board of directors of the association under the regulations of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Obtain discounts in training courses offered by the SNA or one of its partners at the local and international levels

Have priority in nomination in any tasks announced by the SNA, including the tasks of managing other branches in the various regions

Obtain a 25% discount on the most prominent events offered by the Saudi Nurses Association

Provide members with publications and bulletins issued by the SNA or one of its partners at reduced fees

Get the benefit from the SNA electronic services, such as attending training courses or viewing electronic bulletins

Exchanging experiences with specialists and other registered members during periodic meetings.

Opening horizons for participation in representing the association in international travel in any cooperative missions

Supporting members in conducting research and publishing in refereed scientific journals under internal regulations

Have opportunities to participate in community services through volunteering in health and other fields

Join the associations mailing list regarding announcements and invitations to attend global, regional, and local health conferences

Affiliation memberships are exempt from half of the annual subscription fees

Membership Registration Steps

Choose the right class of membership according to the conditions described above.

Choose the package you wish to register for and then click Subscribe Now.

The system will transfer you to the unified system of memberships in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Follow the membership registration steps described in the Service Guide via the link

After completing the registration process, you must return to the platform to complete the information and activate your membership.

Membership Activation

After completing the steps of registration in the unified membership system, return to the platforms website

Open your personal account by clicking on the profile.

Select the Memberships field and fill in the required information (membership number –starting date – and end date)

Attach the membership card document.

By completing this information, your membership is activated and you can now enjoy your benefits.

Membership Types


The membership applicant must possess a scientific qualification in the specialty of nursing

The applicant must be a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or one of the Gulf States.

The applicant should submit an application to the association.

The applicant shall pay the annual registration and subscription fees as decided by the association.

An acceptance of the membership is issued by the Association Board of Directors, and the applicant is then informed.

The Active member will have full voting privileges in all elections and matters open to the full(active) membership.


It is granted to non-residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Gulf States who hold a recognized certificate in nursing.

Granted to residents and non-residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are holding nursing qualifications different from that of the association..

Granted to nurses, medical, applied medicine and other related technical medical students.

Other professionals involved in the specialty that do not have a recognized nursing certificate and do not fulfill the educational qualifying conditions of the active members.

The associate member is exempted from half of the annual subscription fee and its committees, without the right of voting.


  • All male and female students in the specialty of nursing, but they are not permitted to attend sessions of the General Assembly and its various committees, nor participate in discussions, nor vote or nominate.