About the platform:

The e-learning platform is an educational platform for the Saudi Nurses Association, which includes everything that ensures the professional development of nursing practitioners in the Kingdom in line with the national vision. The launch of the platform was announced on 12-28-2021 during the first annual international conference of the Saudi Nurses Association.


Providing everything related to the nursing staff, including events, training activities, conferences and scientific seminars that contribute to raising the efficiency of practitioners and empowering them in all sectors and at all scientific and professional levels.


Providing all activities of continuing education for nursing workers including nurses and home care providers in all sectors to ensure the quality of healthcare services provided.

Our Goals:

Raising the efficiency of nurses to provide the highest standards of health care.

Cooperating with all sectors to provide all accredited professional programs and training courses in the Kingdom.

Providing nurses with the necessary courses to work professionally and effectively within the medical team.

Providing a supportive environment for continuing education that matches the requirements of scientific progress.

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